Our Association

The Association is controlled by the shareholders/allotment holders who all get together at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hear reports, approve the accounts and take major decisions. The general running of the Association and the site is in the hands of the Management Committee, a group of about 10-12 people elected each year by the allotment holders at the AGM.

The Association has a set of registered rules which it adopted when it was set up in 1923, with a couple of procedural updates in later years. They mainly set our how the Association regulates itself. We also have a set of bylaws – in the little grey booklet – which lay down the formal rules for the allotment site. 

From time to time the Management Committee issues guidance or instructions which members are asked to comply with. Most of this is gathered together in the introductory notes.

The Association leases the whole site from Barnet Council and many of the rules applying to the site are required by the terms of that lease which you can read here. A short written tenancy agreement for each allotment holder confirming their agreement to the rules is also available here.

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Current committee members
East Finchley Allotments Bylaws
Plot holders introductory notes