Please note that we will not be able to park in Martin School car park on weekdays  from Monday June 1st when the school is back. There are more cars than usual on the allotments as people are reluctant to use public transport, so here are some suggestions:Park outside the allotments: parking is available on the main road except between 9 and 10 am.Make good use of the car parks: park reasonably close to other cars and if you block another car in, leave your mobile number where it can be seen.


Bonfires are now only allowed on the first Wednesday of the month.

Please DO NOT have a bonfire if you can avoid it. There are plenty of alternatives:

Leave wood to rot. This is good for nature and makes great soil conditioner/mulch.

Compost or drown weeds. Don’t burn them!

If you do have a bonfire, use only dry vegetable matter. Keep your fire small. If the wind is blowing towards houses, please DON’T burn. And put your bonfire out before you leave.

Designed and facilitated by Leona from Artists Resource.