Trading Shed Catalogue


  • Multipurpose high quality compost made from Irish peat – 75L bag
  • All purpose PEAT FREE contains some green waste – 50L bag
  • John Innes No 1 for sowing, pricking out and cuttings – 25L bag
  • John Innes No 2 for potting on – 25L bag

MANURE: Organic Farm Manure – 50L bag


STRULCH: mulch for organic gardeners & helps to deter slugs – 75L bag

GAROTTA COMPOST ACCELERATOR: sprinkle on heap to help it cook – 1L bottle

LIME: for lightening clay soil, correcting acidity; helps deter club root – 2.5kg bag


  • Growmore: fast-acting balanced general fertiliser [7:7:7] – 2.5kg bag
  • Fish blood and Bone: slow release general fertiliser [5:5:6.5] – 2.5kg bag
  • Chicken pellets: contains ORGANIC material, rocket fuel in a bag [4.5:3.5:2.5] – 2.5kg & 25kg bags


  • Sulphate of Ammonia: high nitrogen for leafy crops, makes good liquid feed [21:0:0] – 2.5kg bag
  • Sulphate of Potash: for fruits, makes good liquid feed [0:0:48] – 2.5kg bag
  • Superphosphate: promotes strong root growth [0:17.5:0] – 2.5kg bag
  • Bonemeal: ORGANIC slow-release phosphate fertiliser for strong root growth [3.5:20:0] – 2.5kg bag


  • Maxicrop: all purpose natural fertiliser [5:2:5] high potash with seaweed ORGANIC – 1L bottle
  • Vitax ORGANIC Seaweed 500ml bottle
  • Tomorite 500ml and 1L bottles

BAMBOO CANES (sold in tens)
8ft, 7ft, 6ft, 5ft, 4ft and 3ft


  • Vitax Bordeaux Mixture – for protecting strawberries and other crops from birds etc
  • Rooting powder 50g
  • Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer, safer for use around children & wildlife, only targets slugs
  • Doff Power Up slug and snail killer, more active & rainproof up to 14 days
  • Kneeler
  • Tap connectors 2 pack
  • Hose ends female
  • Agralan Environmesh 4.5m x 2.1m
  • Garden net – for protecting strawberries and other crops from birds etc 6m x 2m
  • Pea and Bean support netting large hole: 4x2m – £3.00; 6x2m
  • Nutscene String – soft tying natural jute 110m
  • Adjustable ties 7”
  • Plastic coated wire coil 30mx2mm
  • Super soft tree ties 18” long, use as cushion between tree and stake
  • PY insect killer
  • Agralan sticky traps
  • Agralan Insect Barrier Glue
  • Phostrogen plant food – all purpose soluble food
  • Boltac Grease Bands
  • Self-Heal – protects wood when cut