The Committee

Message to all members: Please make sure your plot has a grass verge at the road side. The verge must be at least 18 inches/one and a half feet/ half a metre wide. The water pipes run very near the surface under this area. Recently there have been two incident of the pipe being damaged by people cultivating the edge of their plots. This results in the water having to be switched off and the pipe having to be mended which can be quite expensive.

Thank you, The Committee

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If someone you know wants to join our waiting list or you want to ask about someone already on it, contact the membership officer
With problems and complaints, committee officers will try to sort things out informally. But if you are not satisfied, you can complain in writing to the Management Committee – set out your case and send your letter or email to the secretary.  If you are unhappy with the Committee’s decision, you can appeal to the Annual General Meeting in writing supported by the signatures of 10 members. The AGM’s decision is final.

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